Windows 2012 AWS AMIs

Windows 2012 RDS phpMyadmin AMI

AWS Windows Server Solutions

We provide turnkey Windows WIMP stacks that have tools such as phpMyadmin, Putty and WinSCP to help you get up and running in minutes. It's that simple!

Our WIMP stacks start as low as .019 cents per hour, pay as you go, stop any time.

We also provide turnkey Windows Utility AMIs to help make configuration or the migration of data to an AWS RDS MySQL / Aurora database a breeze. With phpMyadmin you can have your RDS configured in minutes.

Our utility stacks start as low as .07 cents per hour, pay as you go, stop any time. We continue to improve our stacks all the time - better - stronger - faster!

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Turnkey Windows 2012 RDS Utility AWS AMI

Turnkey Windows Utility AMIs

With one-click you can save yourself hours on having to figure out how to connect to your RDS instance! With pre-configured phpMyadmin, connection is to your RDS is possible in a few short steps.

RDS phpMyadmin Windows AWS AMI

DIY or Managed Hosting

Configure your AWS RDS instance yourself with phpMyadmin with clear step-by-step instructions.

2012 R2 WIMP Stack


Windows 2012 R2 + IIS 8.5 + MySQL 5.7 + PHP 7.1.x = WIMP stack. A great starting point to get up and running quickly!